getting there and parking

there's no shortage of hotels and places to stay while you're visiting dc. but no matter where you're staying, we want to make sure you can find us on the 16th.

directions from maryland, virginia and dc are below:

from maryland to eastern market

from virginia to eastern market

from the grand hyatt washington/downtown d.c.

and don't forget, eastern market has its own metro stop. so getting there via public transportation is also an excellent option.


once you arrive, directional signage will guide you to the north hall.

if you decide to drive, parking on the weekends is completely doable.

you can park in any spot you can find. just remember to read the neighborhood signs carefully to ensure you're not accidentally in a tow-away zone.

we recommend looking for a space anywhere within the red outline on this map. you'll have to parallel park, so but out those driver's ed skills from way back.
you can park outside of this red outline, but the walk will be longer. and we need you on the dance floor.

you're also welcome to take a taxi if that's more your speed.

_ _ _

if you have questions about the parking/arrival situation, by all means let us know. we're happy to help (

see everyone soon!

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