married in a market

for those not from dc, you may not have heard of eastern market before. 

here's some things to note about this dc landmark.
_ _ _

this is where we will do everything - cocktail hour, ceremony, reception - so once you're here, sit back and relax!

here's a peek at the inside. it's empty now, but we'll make it pretty.

eastern market is in the capitol hill neighborhood of this beautiful city.

it's home to a weekend outdoor farmer's market and art fair. tuesday through sunday, there are indoor merchants who sell their wares -- fresh pasta, flowers, meats and cheeses -- at the market.

there's a number of awesome restaurants in the area, including we, the pizza (run by former top chef contestant spike mendelsohn), cava mezze, sonoma wine bar, and ted's bulletin. all are excellent choices.

and here's directions on how to get to the market from anywhere in the dc metro area.
_ _ _

we hope you'll have fun checking out capitol hill!

for those so inclined

for any guests so inclined, we are registered at macy's, anthropologie, and crate & barrel.